Being Green is Cool…

It’s 108 degrees outside.

I sit inside, under cover of intense air conditioning… watching heat lines rise from the concrete a few feet away, hearing the not-so-distant drums of global warming thudding in my sub-conscious, and I think GREEN (but in a good way).

Not that long ago “being green” meant inexperienced and now it means “environmentally savvy.”

My advice, stay cool… think GREEN… watch Living With Ed… buy a Prius… and for Godssakes get out of the SUN! That thing will KILL you.

As for the picture above — you’ll never guess:
This fountain forms the entrance to the Swarovski Crystal headquarters in Wattens, Austria. (Taken by Michael Slonecker and found on Wikipedia.)
I feel cooler just LOOKING at it!

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For MONEY I have written: TV series, cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, magazine articles, Business Plans, Direct Music Marketing letters (as Mariah Carey, MC Hammer and others), Corporate Newsletters, Mens Style (online) Magazine (as managing editor),screenplays (well, okay so not so much about the money there) and Restaurant Reviews (for free food!) Now… I’m writing for love and what I LOVE are young adult mystery novels.


One Response to Being Green is Cool…

  1. Gordon says:

    Does it help you to share your musings?

    I tried it with Live Journal… mostly because I was trying to stay in touch with a particular friend. But between that friendship dissapating to nothingness and new websites for staying in touch overtaking old ones I found that leaving a diary for myself was something I couldn’t manage to maintain.

    Also, I find most of my own personal ramblins about life (etc) to be relatively morose (like this one!) and also repetitive. Which is not to say that yours are — I’m just wondering about all this blogging stuff…

    I read quite a few of them… I’m beginning to be overwhelmed with the political ones though. I can’t believe we may succumb to the republican manipulation yet again — but I’m not putting it past Americans to either vote republican or have their votes counted that way regardless of how they were cast.

    Anyways… THAT was a ramble!

    You never told me if you heard anything from that other agent. Did you? Are you going to do the rewrite that the first agent suggested?

    How’s your mom doing? Is she out here now?

    Tomorrow is your birthday. I will never forget the night of a thousand kamikazies!