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Tuesday was our anniversary — my husband and I have been happily married for eight years. We were both too busy (and exhausted) to want to endure a big magilla ‘night out on the town’ dinner somewhere so we decided to order in Thai from our favorite restaurant and then go out for a luscious dessert and cappuccino. We even thought it sounded more romantic to celebrate in one exquisite way. On our way to dessert we dropped by our favorite Borders Books. I wanted to pick up a copy of Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci (I’m her new fan). … Continue reading

On Writing
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I’m not sure of the actual number of comic titles… somewhere in the area of 40 or 50. I love the form of writing for comic. It’s lean and clean. You really have to refine your story to it’s essence and you have think in a flat, 2D way. It’s great for disclipline. I wish that I could draw as well as write. But I would never trade being a writer for being an artist. There is something about the way a written story looks on a page that just appeals to me.

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After years of working with goofy kid-characters it was awesome to get to work with a goofy ADULT! Eric Stromer is more fun than a barrel of nine year olds… (seriously) and he has twice the energy. 98 percent of the ideas in this book were his (he let me add a few). I just helped capture his genius on to the page. Do It Yourself Family is a great book for people with kids to entertain on a budget. Just think ‘power tools’! If you have anything that needs making over, even if it’s only your outlook on life, … Continue reading

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ABOUT BUGS(Selected among the Most Outstanding Children’s Books of 1998 by the Parent Council and one of the 100 Best Children’s Products of 1998)Researching this book was so much fun, each night over dinner I would describe the bugs I found that day to see if I could gross out my husband and son. When I did, those bugs went into the book! SCARY HOWL OF FAMEThe research for this book was fun, too. I mean what other job could I do where I got PAID to watch all of the NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET movies? THE ULTIMATE BEST FRIENDS BOOKI … Continue reading

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Over the years I have written, co-written, re-written or edited over 250 episodes of animated television, including an astonishing NINE Christmas Specials (written over the course of several years, but ALL during the months of July and August). The series or episodes listed below garnered nominations or won awards.KAMPUNG BOY, a series about a Muslim family set in small town (kampung) 1950’s Malaysia, was without a doubt my best animation experience. Kampung Boy was based on a series of books by a political cartoonist named Lat. Lat is the Charles Schultz of the Pacific Rim and these are the stories … Continue reading

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