Okay, I’m waaaay behind on my blogging. So I’m just going to jump in with a few of the blogs that have been floating around in my head. The first one started out to be: I AM Jealous of Diablo Cody… but now, nearly two months later I’ve decided I’m NOT jealous of Diablo Cody.

Really… I’m not. Seriously. I even saw the movie.

And here’s the deal. I’m not jealous of Diablo (real name: Brooke) Cody because her first effort became such a huge deal (Best Original Screenplay, for crying out loud!!) How can she possibly follow that? I mean if her next movie (and she has THREE already set up) doesn’t break box office records and make all kinds of noise… she’s going to be skewered… villified…. made to eat the words of exuberant journalists who just love being able to call her an exotic dancer… even though she only did that for a year and she is a college graduate, after all.

This business is brutal… I feel for her!

Hang in there D…

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