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Okay, I have been burning the late-night Kindle and getting a lot of reading done. I just today finished Wake by Lisa McMann. This was interesting. I recall agent Nathan Branford recommending this book so here are my thoughts: 1. concept — A girl gets pulls into dreams whenever someone near to her falls asleep. It was an interesting concept = 10+ 2. Protag — Janie, a girl with an alcoholic mother and lots of obstacles. = 8 I liked Janie, but her character wasn’t exactly solid. 3. Plot — finding out a guy likes you by visiting his dreams … Continue reading

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The Forest of Hands and Teeth, a smashing debut written by Carrie Ryan. This was a must-have I was looking forward to reading for months. I discovered the author’s blog about six months ago and I have been following her incredible Cinderella publishing journey ever since. I even saw her Editor, Krista Marino praise her book at the summer SCBWI conference. Needless to say, the build up was that this was the book of the century. Which is good news/bad news for a debut author. I pre-ordered from Amazon… and I planned to read it with a very critical eye. … Continue reading

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Okay this gets my vote for YA ancillary product of the day. Though I doubt that hardcore Twilight fans will be caught undead in this.

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The first book I bought on my Kindle was Death By Bikini… the second was Death by Latte. Two YA mysteries by Linda Gerber. They were good. I liked the main character Aphra Behn Connolly and the first mystery, set on a remote island resort, has some good twists and a satisfying ending. The second book, Death by Latte, set in Seattle, was even better. And the ending which will lead to the third book, Death by Denim was inspired. Some of the things I really liked about these books was how Linda wove in the romance aspects. It was … Continue reading

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