Wake by Lisa McMann

Okay, I have been burning the late-night Kindle and getting a lot of reading done. I just today finished Wake by Lisa McMann. This was interesting. I recall agent Nathan Branford recommending this book
so here are my thoughts:
1. concept — A girl gets pulls into dreams whenever someone near to her falls asleep. It was an interesting concept = 10+
2. Protag — Janie, a girl with an alcoholic mother and lots of obstacles. = 8 I liked Janie, but her character wasn’t exactly solid.
3. Plot — finding out a guy likes you by visiting his dreams is pretty catchy = 9.
4. Execution — Okay, this book had a slightly jarring style that included dates and times. While I enjoyed the story, I never really enjoyed the execution and I didn’t understand the need for the dates and times. The set up of the backstory was a little clunky and I’m not sure she even needed it. The story really started at about 33% (Kindle, sorry… ) and it could’ve started much sooner.
I still give it a 9 overall. I can imagine teens will love the tension of this book.

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