How Much Trick or Treat Candy Will Kill You?


It’s nearly Halloween! And the scariest thing, for this writer anyway, is all the candy that’s coming into my house. We learned long ago that shopping for Halloween is a delicate dance. If you buy the candy too early, you stand to eat it all before the big night. And then you have to buy more. But if you wait too long, the shelves will be wiped out at the store and your only choices will be granny-style peppermints.

But I’ve been doing a lot of research for science classes, specifically biology and chemistry, and I came across this video How Much Trick or Treat Candy Will Kill You. 

Probably no one is really in danger of OD’ing on five pounds of candy corn, but the formula for figuring out how much of a harmless substance a human would need to ingest in order for that substance to be fatal is very interesting and could definitely be used in a fictional forensic investigation.

Check out the video then amaze and astound your friends with your fatal candy knowledge.

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