How’s this for a visual DNA Database?

The Market Theater “Gum Wall” in Seattle, WA

On January 1st, 2017, I drove past the Seattle Gum Wall. The gum wall is an incredible display of millions of pieces of chewed gum, pressed into the side of a brick building, on a narrow alley under Pike Place Market. And, while there is an ew factor at seeing all of this goo on display, it is an astounding visual testament to the sticking power of um, gum. At the time I just thought, wow, that’s really weird and also, that’s a crap load of gum!

But after reading the recent story of a cold case murder in the UK that was solved by extracting DNA from a 36 year old piece of gum…well, I saw this for what it really is. A visual DNA database.

If this case doesn’t cause criminal types to be more careful with their bodily fluids, I don’t know what will.

Read more about the murder story: here.

See more astonishing images of the Seattle Gum Wall: here.

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