Stolen Lives?

There’s more than one way to steal a life.

It would be impossible to state how many innocent people are imprisoned in the United States today. But you can bet the number is significantly higher than it should be. What if that innocent person was someone you know? What if it was a relative…mother, father? What if it was YOU?

An innocent life not allowed to live is a life stolen!

In my new book To Right The WrongsErin and her smart-girls-solve-murders crew face the possibility that Journey’s father, who has served 16 years in prison, is there for a murder he didn’t commit.

The inspiration for this story comes from my intense interest and passion for The Innocence Project, which is a non-profit legal organization founded in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. Celebrating their 25th year, The Innocence Project seeks to exonerate those wrongly convicted through the use of DNA testing. (Take the quiz on the front page “Can you spot an unethical Prosecutor?” You’ll be surprised by the results.)

In the first book, To Catch A Killer, it was DNA that unlocked long-hidden answers for Erin. And it remains the courtroom gold standard of evidence today.

Over the next few weeks, as we head toward the February 2018 release of To Right The Wrongs I’m going to dole out some statistics, life stories and accomplishments of the Innocence Project to open your eyes to the enormity of this issue and to hopefully spark an interest in my new book. Happy reading!

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