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For MONEY I have written: TV series, cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, magazine articles, Business Plans, Direct Music Marketing letters (as Mariah Carey, MC Hammer and others), Corporate Newsletters, Mens Style (online) Magazine (as managing editor),screenplays (well, okay so not so much about the money there) and Restaurant Reviews (for free food!) Now… I’m writing for love and what I LOVE are young adult mystery novels.

It would be impossible to state how many innocent people are imprisoned in the United States today. But you can bet the number is significantly higher than it should be. What if that innocent person was someone you know? What if it was a relative…mother, father? What if it was YOU?
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Um…come again? Yeah, as if hackers haven’t caused us enough trouble lately, now it’s concievably possible for them to hack your brain and obtain your passwords. Our mother’s told us all this online stuff was going to lead to no good. Well, here we are. It all sounds uber creepy and sci-fi but once you review the study, you understand that tapping brain waves works the same way as just about every other hacking technique out there…and that is by studying the participants and looking for a unique pattern. A group of study participants were fitted with EEG headsets and … Continue reading

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I am a true 4n6FAN…you could even call me a 4N6FREAK and not be in danger of offending me. I watch the shows, read the books, I even proudly write books featuring a group of teens who use forensic skills they learned in high school bio class to solve murders. I believe in the power of the science. But here’s the thing, some of it isn’t perfect science. In fact, some cases are being reexamined and the outcomes overturned because the conclusions or results of an evidence match were over-stated. Here’s an article about this from The Washington Post. Imagine, being convicted … Continue reading

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My Favorite 4N6Fact by: Paul Kim My favorite crime-themed TV show is Bones, because of it’s strict accuracy on the scientific aspect with the balance of comedy, action, and character development. In one episode, one of the forensic scientists mentioned a technique called, “radioisotoping,” which was used to approximate the age of a corpse that has been decomposing for weeks. From the bones of the remains, they can approximate that it was a man that was in his mid to late 50’s; however, they needed a more accurate age to narrow down the identification pool, so the scientist tried radioisotoping. The … Continue reading

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I write about smart teens for teen readers. But it’s well known that many adults read YA books. Which is great. The more the merrier. I love YA books for a variety of reasons. Every now and then I will come across a review criticizing a YA author for creating teen characters who are smarter than the adults in the story. Because in the reviewer’s mind that would never happen. Aside from the fact that this is Story 101…your protagonist needs to be the one to figure it out. There could be many cases where the teen is more savvy and … Continue reading

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