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For MONEY I have written: TV series, cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, magazine articles, Business Plans, Direct Music Marketing letters (as Mariah Carey, MC Hammer and others), Corporate Newsletters, Mens Style (online) Magazine (as managing editor),screenplays (well, okay so not so much about the money there) and Restaurant Reviews (for free food!) Now… I’m writing for love and what I LOVE are young adult mystery novels.

  BREAKING SKY  is a YA action novel, (think Top Gun,) written by Cori McCarthy. The protagonist, Chase Harcourt, is one of three teens physically able to fly an experimental fighter jet to test its effectiveness against an evil empire set on world domination. In this story, the fate of the world as we know it is in the hands of these three teens — two girls and one guy — because their youthful physicality enables them to withstand the intense G-forces required to successfuly out-run an enemy bent on controlling the world with super-fast and super-deadly drones. Chase Harcourt (aka … Continue reading

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Pretend you’re at a conference and someone says: “Tell me about your book?” You should be prepared for this… they’ll probably ask just as you shove a last bite of buttered bagel into your mouth. This is not a time to stumble around, mumbling some disjointed mish-mash while recounting a collection of characters and scenes that quickly begin to make no sense because you’re forgetting to mention the most important parts. Their blank look will put you on the spot — you’ll be caught in their crosshairs. Here’s the thing… they really do want to know what your book is about but you can’t tell them because you are now … Continue reading

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(avail. June 9, 2015)  When first we meet twelve year-old Liberty and her eight year-old sister, Billie, they have been abandoned (on purpose) at a sketchy, highway gas station, in the middle of nowhere, on the way to The Four Corners Monument. The meager options available to these girls are quite bleak, especially since their mother passed away and the person who abandoned them was the dad they had always wanted to know. Fortunately the incredibly strong, resourceful and almost brave Liberty has a survival strategy firmly in hand. She’ll not only keep her sister safe, but she’ll see that she’s well fed, … Continue reading

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   When I was a teenager I had a lot of questions. People always want to know where I get my ideas. In the past I would give them a snappy comeback: the Stork… the Idea Fairy… a Jar on my desk.    Then one day I came to a realization… an epiphany if you will. I realized that nearly ALL of my story ideas came from my childhood. Specifically from my family secrets. I didn’t meet my father until I was 17. I knew his name and I knew that I looked a lot like him. But I knew almost … Continue reading

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It’s been FOREVER and my blog needs some serious dustbusting. The lag in posts couldn’t be helped, I was busy getting my MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, which could also be called the greatest experience of my life. So, for the last two years all reading had to meet bibliography requirements (suck it, 50 Shades of Grey) and all writing was focused on the critical and creative theses (sorry, blog!)   Graduation was January 19, 2013. I came away with my diploma and a finished manuscript. The last two months have been spent revising and polishing that manuscript … Continue reading