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  How much do you know about facial recognition technology? What is it? And, is it happening to you? FACT: If you post photos of you and your friends on social media, and tag yourselves in those photos, you are participating in a very large facial recognition experiment. I say experiment because somewhere along the way we accepted this practice. (I’m sure in all of that blah, blah, blah stuff they make us agree to into order to have access to the fun stuff, is probably some legalese about facial recognition profiling.) The graphic below explains how it works: A photo of a known person (tagged by you) … Continue reading

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It’s nearly Halloween! And the scariest thing, for this writer anyway, is all the candy that’s coming into my house. We learned long ago that shopping for Halloween is a delicate dance. If you buy the candy too early, you stand to eat it all before the big night. And then you have to buy more. But if you wait too long, the shelves will be wiped out at the store and your only choices will be granny-style peppermints. But I’ve been doing a lot of research for science classes, specifically biology and chemistry, and I came across this Youtube.com … Continue reading

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