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Pretend you’re at a conference and someone says: “Tell me about your book?” You should be prepared for this… they’ll probably ask just as you shove a last bite of buttered bagel into your mouth. This is not a time to stumble around, mumbling some disjointed mish-mash while recounting a collection of characters and scenes that quickly begin to make no sense because you’re forgetting to mention the most important parts. Their blank look will put you on the spot — you’ll be caught in their crosshairs. Here’s the thing… they really do want to know what your book is about but you can’t tell them because you are now … Continue reading

Film to Fiction

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   When I was a teenager I had a lot of questions. People always want to know where I get my ideas. In the past I would give them a snappy comeback: the Stork… the Idea Fairy… a Jar on my desk.    Then one day I came to a realization… an epiphany if you will. I realized that nearly ALL of my story ideas came from my childhood. Specifically from my family secrets. I didn’t meet my father until I was 17. I knew his name and I knew that I looked a lot like him. But I knew almost … Continue reading

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