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   When I was a teenager I had a lot of questions. People always want to know where I get my ideas. In the past I would give them a snappy comeback: the Stork… the Idea Fairy… a Jar on my desk.    Then one day I came to a realization… an epiphany if you will. I realized that nearly ALL of my story ideas came from my childhood. Specifically from my family secrets. I didn’t meet my father until I was 17. I knew his name and I knew that I looked a lot like him. But I knew almost … Continue reading

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One reader says your characters are off; another thinks your plot sucks. Still someone else criticizes your theme. What to do? Cry? Argue? Revise? You can’t please everyone… so you’ve got to please yourself.   I urge you to consider: The story of the Blind Men and the Elephant. Basically, you wouldn’t want to create a whole manuscript based on the comments of a few “blind men” would you? So, what to do? My suggestion is to find a great critique group — if possible fall in with a group of writers who are ahead of you in their technical skill. But, they should … Continue reading

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If you’ve been working on the same book (concept, manuscript, idea) for MORE than three months I’m here to tell you to MOVE ON and ‘stop petting the kitty’. Petting the Kitty is a metaphor for continuing to edit your first couple of chapters as opposed to moving on and FINISHING your story. We almost always know what happens in the beginning of our story. This is the part that comes to us as a thunderbolt. It’s the genesis of our most brilliant idea ever. We love it! And it makes us feel good to keep working on it and … Continue reading

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Okay, two inspirational stories in two days… this one I’ve linked from Agent Jill Corcoron’s facebook page, an interview with author Mandy Hubbard who wrote and managed to SELL Prada and Prejudice — her story is worth the read CLICK HERE! I’ve already put the book in my Kindle… and I’m keeping the story close to my heart. There IS hope, shifting market and bad economy be damned! Keep writing, persevere, don’t lose hope and your publishing deal could be in the bag, too! (sorry for the pun!)

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Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze + Jennifer Grey, circa 1987) Trust me. I was a big fan but I still wouldn’t call this movie a classic… and no way does it have cult status… and yet, twice this last week I heard the line “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” on two highly-rated, prime-time, network episodes: Grey’s Anatomy and the new sitcom Kath & Kim. I also recently read a YA novel which used used this line. YA? Please! Dirty Dancing was made in 1987… two years before my 19 year old son was born. I wonder how many 21 year … Continue reading

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