Writing for YA

I think of writing for the YA market as more of a calling than a choice, but it does require a certain head space.

It would be impossible to state how many innocent people are imprisoned in the United States today. But you can bet the number is significantly higher than it should be. What if that innocent person was someone you know? What if it was a relative…mother, father? What if it was YOU?
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I write about smart teens for teen readers. But it’s well known that many adults read YA books. Which is great. The more the merrier. I love YA books for a variety of reasons. Every now and then I will come across a review criticizing a YA author for creating teen characters who are smarter than the adults in the story. Because in the reviewer’s mind that would never happen. Aside from the fact that this is Story 101…your protagonist needs to be the one to figure it out. There could be many cases where the teen is more savvy and … Continue reading

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Once we tap into teens… write our books… sell them and wait until they hit the market THEN we have to learn a whole new set of rules and promote our little darlings. And hopefully recruit and grow an audience. Here’s a link to a recent blog post about just that, written by Greg Pincus. It’s a good read.

Writing for YA
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Most authors who write YA (young adult) are adults; and so we’re always on the prowl for new and better ways to capture the authentic teen experience and harness it into our current WIP. Alas, authentic teen experiences, out in the open and available for capture, are about as abundant as Unicorn eyelashes! Teens who read are smart, savvy and discriminating. So short of jumping into the nearest time machine where can we go to find authentic teen moments? Here are a few suggestions. MUSIC: I bought Taylor Swift’s album Fearless (the platinum version) and I’m using it as inspiration for … Continue reading

Writing for YA
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Okay this gets my vote for YA ancillary product of the day. Though I doubt that hardcore Twilight fans will be caught undead in this.

Writing for YA
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