Bella Beacon
Tracking Bookmark

You Can’t Forget this Book!

No, really. You can’t. Not if you were lucky enough to score a Bella Beacon tracking bookmark.

Set up instructions:

INSTALL: iSearching (free) from the App Store or Google Play on smartphone.

PAIR: long press Bella Beacon button for 3 seconds. Listen for a double beep. Now check the device list on the App. All of the Bluetooth devices in your area will appear on this list. You are looking for iTAG. Select and wait for Bella beacon to connect.

CONFIGURE: press the > to the right of Alarm. Here you can add a photo of the book and personalize the name of your tracker. Mine reads: Sheryl’s Bella.

SELECT & TEST: Antiloss setting. This will prevent you from walking away and leaving your book behind. Set device alarm ON, light flash ON and distance setting NEAR. Now try to walk away from your Bella Beacon. The alarm won’t let you get more than 10 feet from your book. See, you really can’t forget this book!

FIND ME: This setting works in reverse. Say your book is on the sofa, but it’s covered by a blanket. Select FIND ME on the App to make the Bella Beacon beep.

LOCATION: Return to the device screen on the App and locate the menu along the bottom. Select location to find your book and Bella Beacon on a map. This is how the girls tracked the principal.

FINALLY: Once you’ve read To Right The Wrongs and it is safely stored on your bookshelf, you can repurpose your Bella Beacon for something else you don’t want to lose. (Keys, purse, luggage, pet.) The battery (CR 2032 lithium coin) will last about 6 months and it is replaceable.

Note: The Bella iTag Bookmark is a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy product. It does not connect to the internet and it does not track you. You track it!

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