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Um…come again? Yeah, as if hackers haven’t caused us enough trouble lately, now it’s concievably possible for them to hack your brain and obtain your passwords. Our mother’s told us all this online stuff was going to lead to no good. Well, here we are. It all sounds uber creepy and sci-fi but once you review the study, you understand that tapping brain waves works the same way as just about every other hacking technique out there…and that is by studying the participants and looking for a unique pattern. A group of study participants were fitted with EEG headsets and … Continue reading

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I am a true 4n6FAN…you could even call me a 4N6FREAK and not be in danger of offending me. I watch the shows, read the books, I even proudly write books featuring a group of teens who use forensic skills they learned in high school bio class to solve murders. I believe in the power of the science. But here’s the thing, some of it isn’t perfect science. In fact, some cases are being reexamined and the outcomes overturned because the conclusions or results of an evidence match were over-stated. Here’s an article about this from The Washington Post. Imagine, being convicted … Continue reading

4N6 Fans

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