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Over the years I have written, co-written, re-written or edited over 250 episodes of animated television, including an astonishing NINE Christmas Specials (written over the course of several years, but ALL during the months of July and August). The series or episodes listed below garnered nominations or won awards.

KAMPUNG BOY, a series about a Muslim family set in small town (kampung) 1950’s Malaysia, was without a doubt my best animation experience. Kampung Boy was based on a series of books by a political cartoonist named Lat. Lat is the Charles Schultz of the Pacific Rim and these are the stories he remembers from his childhood. I was the series story editor, responsible for the scripts on all 26 episodes.


Kampung Boy (animated series)
Winner – Best Animated Series — Annecy Animation Festival (1999)

Annabelle’s Wish (animated Christmas Special)
Critic’s Choice Award (1998)
VDSA – Children’s Video of the Year (1998)

The Littlest Angel (adaptation; animated Christmas Special)
Finalist – World Animation Festival, Padadena, Ca. (1998)

Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories (animated series)
winner – Cable Ace Award (1994)
series programming age 6 and under

Just Like Me (a live action short film on friendship and being homeless)
Winner – Angel Award (1992)

Punky Brewster (the animated series)
Emmy Nomination (1987)

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