The Agony and the Ectasy of The End…

I received an email from a writer/director friend of mine announcing that he’s (finally) in the final editing phase of a documentary which has consumed the better part of his last year… a substantial amount of funds… and pretty much all of his (and his wife’s) attendance at our monthly writers’ group meetings.

He tentatively described his mood as “excited and extremely scared at the same time,” “One minute elated, the next minute depressed.”

I call this the: “I’m Near The End-drome. ”

It’s a creatively schizophrenic combination of exhaustion and euphoria over actually making it to The End — because let’s face it, how many times have we all started something that sounded like a great idea and then ended up not finishing it? I’ll admit, I have unfinished business in my file cabinets!

It’s also about the realization that very soon he will transition from creative genius to savvy marketer. (More schizo behavior at work)

Hatching a good idea and implementing it is only the beginning. To achieve success you to have to sell it! Sales and marketing require different skills. Skills which require a different part of the brain. The marketing side of a writer can withstand the Kryptionite of critiques and criticism without curling into a fetal position. The marketing side is doggedly postal in its perseverence through rain, sleet, darkness, negativity and uncharted waters.

There are no shortcuts or substitutions. It’s part of the process. All we can do is say ‘we understand’ and cheer each other on.

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