It’s Okay To Like YA…

My son is 19 and I write YA. (Of course I was only 10 when he was born… don’t do the math, it will only make your brain hurt!)
the point is I’m an adult writing for kids. This might be surprising for some but not the least bit out of the ordinary for me. My career has almost exclusively been in writing for kids. In fact, YA is actually at the older end of my creative spectrum. Yes, I’m aware that YA doesn’t garner the literary props that certain adult work does. But it’s a bandwidth I’m comfortable in.

This recent NYTimes article I’m YA and I’m Okay shows that I’m not alone.

An additional bonus is recent news, according to my agent, YA is the only part of publishing that is doing well in this down-trend. So maybe I picked the right team after all. YA YYY!

About Sheryl Scarborough

For MONEY I have written: TV series, cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, magazine articles, Business Plans, Direct Music Marketing letters (as Mariah Carey, MC Hammer and others), Corporate Newsletters, Mens Style (online) Magazine (as managing editor),screenplays (well, okay so not so much about the money there) and Restaurant Reviews (for free food!) Now… I’m writing for love and what I LOVE are young adult mystery novels.

Writing for YA

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