Feedback: How to Sort it Out

One reader says your characters are off; another thinks your plot sucks. Still someone else criticizes your theme. What to do?

Cry? Argue? Revise?

You can’t please everyone… so you’ve got to please yourself.  

I urge you to consider: The story of the Blind Men and the Elephant.
The Blind Men and the Elephant

Basically, you wouldn’t want to create a whole manuscript based on the comments of a few “blind men” would you? So, what to do?

My suggestion is to find a great critique group — if possible fall in with a group of writers who are ahead of you in their technical skill. But, they should also get you… meaning they enjoy reading the genre you like to write in. And, these folks should should generally feel favorable about your work. If someone just flat out doesn’t like your writing there is no sense in trying to win them over. If you run into that, my advice is find a new group. 

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