High School Journalists FTW!

I write about smart teens for teen readers.

But it’s well known that many adults read YA books. Which is great. The more the merrier. I love YA books for a variety of reasons. Every now and then I will come across a review criticizing a YA author for creating teen characters who are smarter than the adults in the story. Because in the reviewer’s mind that would never happen.

Aside from the fact that this is Story 101…your protagonist needs to be the one to figure it out. There could be many cases where the teen is more savvy and in-the-know than the adults.

Example: The six high school journalists at Pittsburg High School in south east Kansas who investigated AND questioned their newly-hired head principal and uncovered diploma-mill allegations about her credentials that were completely missed by the hiring committee AND those allegations ultimately led to the principal’s resignation!

Boo-to-the-YAH! Teens are awesome and smart and they get the whole dig deep when you really want to know something.

Read the full story here.

These teens are #mypeople and I’m super-proud of them!

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